“Life is short, but it’s all you got, so stick a feather in your hat and be happy.”

Our family motto, hanging in the Fleetwood kitchen in Salisbury since before my arrival in 1947. Not sure where this came from...but it got us to where we are today, and that is pretty damn happy.

Raised with the wonderful support to explore, travel, live many lives, create and recreate, take the road less traveled, then turn around if that doesn’t work. Follow the sun, enjoy the rain and always enjoy the view.

There have been so many places to see, so many wonderful and interesting people to meet, and yet the twisting, tangled road always led me back to Hawaii...to MAUI. Sunshine and the scents, and the unforgettable people have drawn me here since 1974. My home. My retreat. My place to recharge until I can bang a drum again.

In this magical place, I wanted to share a little of what I have seen, experienced, and imagined all in one place. Art, music, wonderful textures and always color color color! Life is too short for black and white.

Please come in and stay awhile. Here are souvenirs of my travels and my life. This spot is a work in progress, as I am, each day a happy reset of what can be. I have traveled the world, but these Islands are my home and The House of Fleetwood welcomes you.

We hope you go home with something you feel good about, something you have connected with, something meaningful to you and were made to feel safe. The tiniest of moments can become the greatest of memories. Memories that will be yours.

Life is short, be happy.