Catherine Michiels Wild 1 Large Pendant Listen To Your Heart, Soul, Dreams, Now

Catherine Michiels

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Catherine Michiels Wild 1 Pendant
It's only right that you should play the way you feel it... and you're sure to feel enchanting when you're wearing our Catherine Michiels Wild 1 Pendant. The three sapphires in the three hearts represent the balance between your mind, your heart and your soul. This pendant gently reminds you that it might be a misconception to always listen to your mind and trust what it tells you. Your heart and soul is where the truth lives. So listen, really listen to your heart, your soul and your dreams... because the time is now. This stunning piece is just the right size (1 1/4" x 1" - 32mm x 25mm), is casual enough to wear around town and fancy enough to wear on a special night out. Pick yours up today and rock out (or in)... it's up to you.

The Catherine Michiels Wild 1 Pendant is:
Limited. Get yours before they're gone.
Designed in Honolulu. Wearable anywhere.
Curated by Mick. Just for you.

Recommended song pairing: Dreams