MP Embroidered Belinay Kimono

Magnolia Pearl

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Magnolia Pearl Embroidered Belinay Kimono
Some call her sister of the moon...some say, illusion is her game… I'd say she just has incredible style and grace, in her Magnolia Pearl Embroidered Belinay Kimono. This cotton and satin kimono is beautifully embroidered, distressed and faded for effortless majesty in one plum-perfect stroke. One size fits most.  It's  perfect to wear around town or to the beach. Pick yours up today and rock out (or in)... it's up to you.

The Magnolia Pearl Embroidered Belinay Kimono is:
Soft and comfortable. Perfect to wear every day.
Designed and made in Texas. Wearable anywhere.
Curated by Mick. Just for you.

Recommended song pairing: Sisters of the Moon