The Shroom Bloom Set by Pleasing - Harry Styles


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Pleasing Shroom Bloom Set by Harry Styles
I'm tingling right from my head to my toes... so help me help me, help me make the feeling grow. It's no wonder. The Pleasing Shroom Bloom Set by Harry Styles let's you create an infinite number of personalized effects. This set includes: Sprouting (a pale green opaque gloss formula), Tender Bud (a mushroom beige opaque gloss formula), Vine Ripe (a vibrant red opaque gloss formula) and The Whole Dewniverse (a sheer holographic bio-glitter formula). The colors can be applied alone or over other shades to create unique looks. You'll also find trappings including decals to customize your nail look, or any surface. Look your best while traveling, running errands, or heading to the beach. Pick yours up today and rock out (or in)... it's up to you.

The Pleasing Shroom Bloom Set by Harry Styles is:
Limited. Get yours before they're gone.
Customizable. Create a look that's all yours.
Curated by Mick. Just for you.

Recommended song pairing: Say You Love Me